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Degree in Progress

MA Clinical Psychology


2017 BA (Honours) Psychology, Concordia University

Research Interests

Virginia’s research interests encompass social anxiety disorder. Specifically, some of her interests include examining the use of cognitive and imagery restructuring to target autobiographical memory and postevent processing. Virginia is also interested in integrating into her research the study of core fears in social anxiety disorder.

Clinical Interests

Virginia is interested in mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioural interventions for anxiety, depression, and related disorders.

Research Support

2018 – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Master’s Award


  • Ellenbogen, M.A., Tsekova, V., & Serravalle, L. (in press). Hormones and depressive disorders. In L. Welling and T. Shackelford (Eds.), Oxford handbook of evolutionary psychology and behavioral endocrinology. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Conference Presentations

  • Tsekova, V., Serravalle, L., & Ellenbogen, M.A. (2018, June). Positive coping style moderates the mood response to psychosocial stress following attentional retraining. Poster presented at the International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, QC.
  • Trespalacios, F., Tsekova, V., Serravalle, L., Cardoso, C., & Ellenbogen, M.A. (2018, September). Context matters : Intranasal oxytocin increases negative memory recall in persons at risk for depression during computerized task, but not when administered by a person. Poster presented at the Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Trespalacios, F., Tsekova, V., Serravalle, L., & Ellenbogen, M.A. (2018, June). Retraining of attention improves mood repair following a psychosocial stressor. Poster presented at the Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, QC.