Recently Completed Studies

Examples of recently completed studies in the lab include:

Social Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

Title: Socially Anxious, Sad, and Swiping: Associations between Social Anxiety, Depression, and Use of Mobile Dating Applications
Principal Investigator: Ariella Lenton-Brym

Title: The Role of Social Anxiety in Intimate Relationship Functioning
Principal Investigator: Ariella Lenton-Brym

Title: An experimental study of fear of positive evaluation in social anxiety disorder
Principal Investigator: Gillian Wilson

Title: Reassurance seeking in social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder
Principal Investigator: Gillian Wilson


Title: Naturalistic Assessment of Social Comparison Behaviours Across Dimensions of Perfectionism
Principal Investigator: Danielle A. Uy

Title: Naturalistic observation of perfectionistic behaviours
Principal Investigator: Hanna McCabe-Bennett

Title: Clinical Perfectionism, Dissatisfaction with Standards, and Raising the Bar: Validation of the Response to Goal Achievement Scale
Principal Investigator: Kirstyn Krause

Specific Phobias

Title: Claustrophobia Study
Principal Investigator: Kirstyn Krause

Title: Assessing Safety Behaviors in Fear of Storms: Validation of the Storm-Related Safety Behavior Scale
Principal Investigator: Kirstyn Krause

Title: Development and validation of measures to assess safety behaviours and beliefs associated with emetophobia
Principal Investigator: Megan Pearson


Title: A virtual reality study of cognitive and emotional features of problem hoarding
Principal Investigator: 
Hanna McCabe-Bennett

Title: Digital hoarding and digital-related obsessive-compulsive behaviours
Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Pawluk

Title: Family accommodation in problem hoarding
Principal Investigator: Valerie Vorstenbosch

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments

Title: Enhancing Decision-making in the selection of treatment for anxiety and related disorders
Principal Investigator: Leorra Newman

Title: Direct-to-consumer marketing of psychological treatments: A randomized controlled trial
Principal Investigator: Kaitlin Gallo

Title: Evaluation of the acceptability and utility of a decision aid for the treatment of adult depression
Principal Investigator: Jenny Rogojanski

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Title: Normative data regarding OCD-related behaviors
Principal Investigator: Kristin Vickers

Title: Poor insight in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Examining the role of cognitive, metacognitive, and neuropsychological variables
Principal Investigator: Heather Hood

Title: Relationship between religiosity, spirituality, and obsessive-compulsive disorder
Principal Investigator: Leigh Henderson